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Before George can start prosecution efforts on a man who burglarized a convenience store, a woman named Sophie with a super ability to make men fall in love with her entrances George and has him hold up the same store to get contents to make a bomb. Convinced he's in love with her, he invites Jim and Stephanie to dinner with them. Jim gets suspicious of Sophie so she releases her charms on Jim as well, and he falls for her.

Jim goes to Sophie's place where he and George have a confrontation. After Sophie sees Jim in action, she convinces him to steal MRE warmers from a military facility. 

Back at home, Daphne reads Jim's mind and realizes he's going to see Sophie again, prompting Stephanie to follow Jim.  Jim takes the MRE warmers to Sophie, where she kisses him in view of the window, not knowing Stephanie is outside to see. Stephanie confronts Jim afterward and he tells her he's leaving Stephanie and the kids for Sophie.

Once George comes to, after his beatdown by Jim, he realizes he was out of his mind for some reason and teams up with J.J. to investigate why Jim is suddenly acting crazily. They go to Sophie's place and discover the makings of a bomb, and deduce that she's got Jim under some kind of pheromone induced spell.  

Sophie, tasked by a mysterious Mrs. X, has George deliver a bomb to the rooftop above Dr. King's office, but Stephanie intervenes, convinced that true love will trump whatever Sophie has done to him. She succeeds in breaking the "spell" with a kiss and Jim removes the bomb just before it goes off. 

With her plan thwarted, Mrs. X bombs Sophie's car.

Stephanie worked with Dr. King, who was testing her loyalty, by getting her to administer the serum to a cancer-ridden man who had been in prison for writing bad checks. Stephanie agrees, only to gain his trust, but finds out later that she had been duped and the man was a dangerous killer on death row.

The man reveals to Dr. King he has developed the ability to produce Wolverine-like claws from his knuckles. After meeting with Dr. King, Mrs. X intercepts him and offers him a position on her team, and he accepts.

Daphne's boyfriend Chris becomes suspicious that the Powell's have abilities and starts to ask Daphne about it. She uses her ability to change his mind, but he continues to periodically bring it up. She finally admits to him that they do have abilities, which draws she and Chris closer together.

No Ordinary Family
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No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

I can prosecute this from my Lay-Z-Boy.


Stephanie: Speaking of friends with boundary issues.
Jim: Hello, George.