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Charlie returns to his wife's home and tries to get through to her. 

He says they need money to start the business. 

Charlie asks her father, who laughs at the idea of parting ways with cash. 

Instead, he says that Millie will have money when she is of age. 

After he dies, Charlie, Cassie, and Millie have no money. 

Charlie pawns his wife's belongings and buys the infamous car. 

Cassie says she is done and that they'll go to her sisters. As he is dropping her off, Millie eats her mother. 

In the present, Charlie escapes from the morgue and gets caught up in an incident. 

He ultimately escapes and rushes off to get Bruce. Bruce declines. 

Charlie returns to Christmasland and sends Bing on a mission to find the kid for him. 

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NOS4A2 Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Cassie: You have his wounded soulful eyes.
Charlie: I have wounded eyes.

What do you think, Charters? Doesn't my husband remind you of Venus Rotten?