Maggie: I can't find my tiles.
Vic: Just leave them.

Sugar is great.


Mom, you're bleeding.


Maggie: Tabitha?
Tabitha: Take care of yourself, Maggie.

Millie: We can visit the Great Wall of China.
Charlie: There is no leaving here.

Lou: What do we do?
Tabitha: The only thing we can do.

Vic, you need to stop. We need to get out of here.


Dad, there's something you need to see.


Let's see this bridge.


Vic: This is the only way, alright?
Linda: What about your spleen? You just got out of the hospital.
Vic: I'm fine, Ma.

Linda: I don't know about this. I mean, taking explosives over a magical bridge in the rain. You are my only child, Vicki. My baby.
Vic: Yeah, Ma, and Wayne's mine and the cops haven't found him. Time's running out.

Wayne: I made a mistake.
Craig: Your mother's going to come. Just keep remembering.

NOS4A2 Quotes

Bing: You know, I tried to play nice. I told you I was an enthusiast.
Henchmen: Well, let's do this. Help me get it in.

You be good. I love you.