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Oscar is giving a live interview from jail. He suggests that Levi was responsible for Sarah's death.

Julia gets news that Jason Moore's body has been found. Louise runs the story.

At the university, the kids who are watching the news get a notification from their app "Tell Me a Secret" that someone knows who killed Moore and posts a picture of the suspect.

The kid who is suspected gets a notification the same way. he takes off from his sister's house. He's certainly acting suspicious.

Levi shows up at Jake's office to tell his side of the story. He kicks Levi out of the office. 

The kid's sister is there and asks for Jake's help as her brother was arrested the day before for Jason's murder. She tells him Dax and Jason were friends for a long time. Chloe is Dax's  legal guardian. Jake agrees to take on the case.

Louise and Julia talk. Julia is upset about Eric. They would've been celebrating their one year anniversary. She's upset. Louise tries to cheer her up.

Jake visits Dax in jail. He brings up that he knew Dax's mom. Dax says he was selling pot on campus when Jason was killed. As Jake is leaving he's told that Dax is going to be charged with murder, because they found Dax's hair in Jason's car.

Jason's family is giving a press conference. Jake is watching, so is Julia. Jake calls Julia and tells her he wants to put Chloe on the show.

Levi is at a gun store and buys a gun.

Chloe is getting ready for her TV interview, but as they're headed to the interview desk Jake sees Jason's coach is being prepped too. He's not happy and confronts Julia. Chloe doesn't want to back out. She does her interview with Louise.

Dax is watching from jail. Louise starts asking the coach questions and he confronts Chloe. Louise has a voicemail she shares of Dax threatening Chloe. Then she asks if Chloe had a sexual relationship with Jason. Chloe leaves the stage. Jake confronts Julia.

Jake finds out that Chloe lied about her alibi.

Jake finds Chloe (via Finn) at an amusement park. She admits to getting fired, but says she lied because she's working at a strip club. She tells him that Jason had a crush on her and visited her at the strip club,

Jake gets a call that Dax got into a fight at the jail.

Jake wants Julia to ask Eric for a favor. She's pissed about it. Jake admits he didn't stop a bully. Julia does visit Eric about the court order to find out what user posted that Dax was the killer. He remembers it was their one year anniversary. He asks Julia to dinner.

Ryan and Ella are at the university campus and they use the app to tell the students a secret who are gathered for a pep rally. The two perps run out of the pep rally and Ryan and Ella chase after. They admit to killing Jason, but say it was an accident. Seriously, why would these kids admit anything to people who aren't even cops? Are they that stupid?

The kids are in Jake's office explaining their story. They were hazing him. 

Louise interview Coach Ryder again. Jake shows up. On the way up, he calls Julia to tell her about the hazing. Julia alerts Louise. Apparently the Coach authorized Jason to be hazed.

Chloe sees the interview on TV. Coach admits in a fit of anger that he did authorize some hazing.

Jake leaves to get Dax out of jail, but Dax is still a suspect in the murder. The other two guys are being charged with felony hazing, but they left him alive. Jason called Dax around the time he was murdered, apparently.

Julia and Louise are having dinner. Louise orders Flaming Cherries Jubilee. She takes out pictures of Eric and Julia and puts them in the pan to burn up.

Jake learns that Finn was the one who accused Dax of killing Jason. Finn gives his side of the story. He admits throwing a rock at his head after an exchange of words. Jake wants to know why he blamed Dax.

Ryan visits Ella at her apartment which is a motel. They get their groove on, finally.

Dax is released from jail while Finn is taken to jail.

Julia goes back to the office after her dinner with Louise to do some work and sees she got a video message from Levi where he talks about wanting to protect Oscar. he says they got the story all wrong. Julia asks Megan for Levi's address. She goes to visit him.

He's waiting for her. Julia figures out that Levi is secretly in love with Oscar. He picks up a gun and kills himself.




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Notorious Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

He's a good person. He just uses the psycho image to keep people at a distance.


I'm deeply ashamed. I've made my share of mistakes in my life. Trusting Levi was one of them.