Mrs. Akalitus finds a home for the abandoned baby on this episode, as the couple that left it are found. After a stern lecture to the pair, Akalitus hands the child over.

With that side storyline out of the view, let's get to the crux of the episode:

Grace doesn't want Jackie going to work. She seems to be in another one of her moods, but Jackie and Kevin know they can't give in to it all the time. Once at work, Jackie is told the nursing staff is four people short, but at least there's a temp... who doesn't quite seem to know what he's doing.

Zoey is given extra responsibility, due to the shortage, and does a great job. She also grows suspicious of this temp, shines a light in his pupil and is convinced he's "on something." She tells Jackie, who throws the guy out, but not before he gets in a comment about how she's a hypocrite.

On the affair front, Eddie is about to get replaced by that pill-producing machine he referenced in a previous episode. He tells Jackie that he'd love for their relationship to be more out in the open. Maybe he could even meet her kid. Jackie blows him off.

In a stressed state, she then goes off on O'Hara, for no real reason, and then REALLY goes off on Coop. He hadn't been answering his pager because he was hooking up with a woman, so Jackie scrams at him - and goes on to falsify an organ donor's file by telling the transplant team that Dr. Cooper pronounced the paitent brain dead already.

The episode ends with Jackie suggesting, over the phone, that she and Grace take some sort of class together.

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Nurse Jackie Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Zoey: I haven't been able to go all day.
Jackie: Zoey, you can't talk to me when you're peeing.

Jackie: Get out. We don't [take drugs] here.
Temp: It takes one to know one.