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This was a slow moving episode that culminated in a major fight. First, an elderly, rich donor was brought into the hospital. When she insulted Coop and he got nervous, he grabbed her breasts.

At that, she vowed to never give another penny to the hospital... but then she died. So Akalitus made Jackie and Coop vow to hold this woman to what she said about giving a million dollars to the ER.

Elsewhere, we learned that O'Hara's girlfriend has another girlfriend. She admitted this to Jackie, who took her concerns to O'Hara. The latter tried to act strong, but is clearly upset by the developments.

Meanwhile, Jackie told Eddie has need some time to see if she's actually in love with him - or if he's just a pathological liar. She hung up with him and returned home to a steamed Kevin. He screamed at Jackie about never being there, even when she is there, and how he doesn't respect her. Her awful response:

"You're a f**king bartender! You have no idea what it feels like to be me."

Ouch. At that, Kevin walked away and Jackie ended up ordering coffee by herself at a diner to end the episode.

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Nurse Jackie Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Akalitus: You know, Dr. O'Hara is from Britain.
O'Hara: Yes, I'm from the whole of Britain.

Thor: Are you praying?
Zoey: No. Why?
Thor: Because your lips are moving and you're holding a cross.