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Harvey Fierstein guest stars on this episode as the husband of a man who's dying. He gets sick of everyone making references to him being gay and asks that he is just treated like a man whose husband is dying. It's a great scene.

But the character, John, doesn't seem ready to actually let his soulmate go. He scoffs when the doctor comes by and explains to him what will happen.

Elsewhere, Coop sets Eddie up on a date. Being the jerk that he is, Eddie brings this woman by Kevin's bar, where Jackie and O'Hara (recovering from her break up with Sarah) are eating. The episode concludes with Jackie again, quietly, telling Eddie to watch it and to get the heck out of her bar.

In other news, Grace seems almost excited and anxious to start therapy.

Nurse Jackie
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Nurse Jackie Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Jackie: Shouldn't you be peeing in a cup somewhere?
Sam: Shouldn't you?

I'm assessing your performances. And I'm not doing it in private.