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We pick up on season three with Jackie immediately going off on Kevin for daring to suggest she has a drug problem. O'Hara has already left the house when Jackoe tries to guilt trip her husband, saying she didn't keep anything secret, just separate. She can't really answer the separate bank account question, though.

We later see Kevin pay half the tuition for Fiona's school, as he remains insistent that they not take any money from O'Hara. He visits the hospital to tell Jackie this news, which results in everyone learning she has a husband. To cover for why Zoey acted ignorant over this fact, Jackie tells Kevin it's her first day.

Zoey also outs Jackie and Eddie's affair to Coop. It's a mess all around at the hospital, not helped by the fact that O'Hara and Jackie don't want to work together. They each give Akalitus versions of the basis for why, with O'Hara later telling Jackie she "broke her heart."


- Zoey won't shut up about having sex with Lenny, much to everyone's chagrin.

- The episode ends with Jackie and the girls attending Kevin' softball game, seemingly one big happy family. We know better, of course.

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Nurse Jackie Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Sam, I have a sensitivity question about male piercings.


Jackie is married, you stupid fucking goat.

Eddie [to Coop]