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O'Hara seeks a new job this week, which causes Jackie to confront her pal. She pleads with her not to leave, constantly referring to her as her "friend" and saying she isn't afraid to follow O'Hara to whatever hospital she ends up at.

Jackie also spends time trying to soothe Kevin's concerns, but it's unclear if it's working. The parents enroll Fiona at Grace's school and Jackie acts all warm and fuzzy toward Kevin at work, yet he's icy to her advances. He does ask a favor of his wife, though: Can she help get Eddie a job because he just got fired from his pharmacy?

Jackie agrees because this is just a ruse she and Eddie cooked up. The latter was sick of lying to Kevin.

Elsewhere, Akalitus informs the staff of her new mission: get Michelle Obama to stop by.

Nurse Jackie
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Nurse Jackie Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Akalitus: I know Michelle Obama.
Father: Excuse Me?
Akalitus: You heard me.

If you want company I'm totes avail. Totally available.