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During a hepatitis outbreak at the local prison, the doctors find Hugo, a prisoner dying of liver failure. Otis realizes that Hugo has been communicating with Becky, a female prisoner through a hole in the wall.  Becky also has the disease. They are both transported to the clinic.

While at the clinic Becky tries to escape. She has over a year left on a 10 year sentence for smuggling drugs. Otis convinces her to come back and be with Hugo so that he doesn't have to die alone.

Otis admits to Zee that he easily could have been in prison for the same crime as Becky. He's lucky to have found Zee. Zee admits she has feelings for him.

Ryan and Ben come back from New York. She's now on the heart transplant list but may have to wait a year.  She tries to resume her normal activities but collapses. Ben tells her he doesn't need her to act strong but to live. She finally breaks down and admits to her new limitations.

Lily's new patient is Mateo's mother. Mateo isn't happy about the arrangement. Lily realizes that his mother doesn't have gout but lupus. She saves the woman's life and offers to be her private physician. Mateo agrees.

Mina and Tommy are uncomfortable around one another after their one night stand and it effects their work. Mina admits to Tommy that she considers he and Lily her new home and asks that they work to get past their awkwardness.

Off the Map
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Off the Map Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

She looked so sad. I knew the prison outbreak would cheer her up.


You're making me feel weak, Keaton. I need you to make me feel strong.