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A water taxi crash leaves Ben and Tommy to tend to patients out in the field and Lily with a gut wrenching decision, while Ryan and Mina treat one of the city's most irritating ex-pats.

-Zee finds Mina and Tommy asleep in her garden after their one night stand. Word spread quickly throughout the clinic and Mina and Tommy both regret what happened.

-Ben, Lily, and Tommy witness a water taxi accident. Ben and Tommy perform surgery on a severely injured man in the field. Back at the clinic, the man is about to die because they don’t have the blood to give him. Tommy transfuses the man with his on blood to save him.

-Lily tries to save a teenage boy caught in the raging river but the boy  can’t swim. He panics and almost drowns them both. Lily has to let go to save herself and the boy disappears under the water.

-Mina and Ryan treat Richie, a rude, obnoxious man who has complications due to his diabetes. Richie insults everyone who tries to help him. Mina finally tells him off and he dies shortly after. Mina gives Richie a proper funeral even though she can find no one who actually liked him.
-When Otis and Zee treat a baby with leukemia, Zee tells Otis that she can never have children.  Otis says he still wants a second chance at a relationship with her. The adoptive mother of the sick child wants to return her to the orphanage. The adoptive father leaves his wife to stay and be a parent to the baby.

-Ben decides to accompany Ryan to New York for her medical tests.


Off the Map
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Off the Map Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

The least they could have done is thrown down a tarp instead of rolling all over my herbs with their big, bare, assess.


So I guess running into a live gas pocket was a pretty smooth move on your part?