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Lily and Mateo argue over his family’s cocaine farming business. He tries to convince her it’s just a leaf. Thankfully Lily decides to walk away.

Three brothers get caught in an old gold mine. Otis and Lily help rescue them. The third brother is affected by the toxic gas in the mine. In his paranoid state he causes an explosion that blinds Otis.

Zee treats Otis’ corneal burns and says he will regain his sight. Otis tells Zee he misses her and asks for a second chance.

Tommy treats Morris who came to the jungle to find a cure for his ALS. The treatments have caused a life threatening infection but Morris wants to believe it is working. Tommy convinces him that the treatment is killing him, not saving him. When Morris’ supposed doctor shows up offering more treatments for $50,000, Tommy hits the man and throws him out of the clinic.

Mina attends an authentic local birthing ritual. When the baby is in distress she jumps in and cuts the umbilical cord with the ceremonial knife. This act means she is now the babies godmother.

Mina and Tommy attend a party for the baby. They both drink too much and have a drunken fling after leaving the party.

Off the Map
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Off the Map Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Lily: It's an illegal drug.
Mateo: It's a leaf.
Lily: That gets made into an illegal drug.

I grew up on Nancy Reagan and just say no.