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Jamal flips the negative ad to his advantage.

Oscar enlists Sad Eyez to look after Cesar after telling him about Cuchillos.

Jamal and Ruby have a debate where Jamal shares some embarassing things about Ruby and Ruby concedes.

Jamal realizes that he doesn't like he's been behaving and tries to talk to Ruby about it but Jasmine interferes and speaks over Ruby when Jamal invites Ruby to his parter.

Cesar finds out about Oscar speaking to Sad Eyez, and scares Oscar by showing up at his house busting windows.

Ruby goes to tell Jamal that he needs to apologize and runs into Jamal's father who wants his Jamal back and misses Ruby. Jamal goes to Ruby's place to apologize and runs into Abuelita and makes up with her.

He has a flashback to when he fell out with everyone else. He felt like the third wheel with Ruby and Jasmine, and he confided in Monse's voicemail, but he hears her after a butt dial talk about who he presumes is him.

Oscar wants to after Cesar but after Cesar's stunt, Isabel pleads with him not to and says he can't save his brother and needs to focus on his daughter.

Ruby breaks up with Jasmine.

Ruby returns home to see Jamal there with Abuelita. The two talk and hash things out with each other making up.

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On My Block Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

How is he going to satisfy us all when he had to bring in another girl to satisfy his girlfriend? Who has a threesome and can't get some?


Has this leader ever said "Bitches be bonkers?" Hell yeah because we can all be bitches. Even I have been a bitch at times.