Final Shot  - On My Block Season 4 Episode 10
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  • Monse is bummed out and sad with Cesar declining her prom offer and memories popping up about her mother. 
  • She finally reads her mother's manuscript.
  • Jamal wonders if he's the man that he wants to be or does he miss who he used to be while informing somoen of their prom date.
  • Jamal sets up security camers in his room and sees one of the gnomes on his windowsill.
  • Jamal goes to confront Chivo about the gnome and the escalade following him. Chivo doesn't know about the salad but says the spooky gnome wants to live with Jamal.
  • Jamal tells Ruby that he keeps thinking about Kendra. He also laments that the Rollerworld money.
  • Monse sits down with Bryan and her family to talk about Julia's book and how messy she was and that both parts of her were real and true. She propsoes they form their own family.
  • She announces that she's going to prom wih herself. 
  • Ruby's eyebrows are messed up at the salon and he freaks out.
  • Cesar thinks about Oscar when he's getting ready for prom and imagines him there giving him advice. He tells him that he'll make him proud, and Oscar says he already had. He sees the Spooky gnomie on his windowsill.
  • Jamal talks to Abuelita and  they have  deep and emoitional conversation about life and purpose. 
  • Ruby wins prom king
  • Kendra shows up at the prom to see Jamal.she's the one who has been in the escalade. Noel Aroma, Jamal's hero who is a billionaire with a bunch of patents was in the escalade expresses interest in Jamal. They're recruiting Jamal for Noel's incubator program.
  • Noel: You invent for me. I invest in you.
  • Monse and cesar talk. 
  • Ruby takes the after party to his house but when he gets there he finds out that Abuelita died.
  • Ruby his parents, all the kids parents and the kids get high in honor of Abuelita. 
  • Monse says that she'll take a year off and work on wrting her memoir before going to an all-girl college. Cesar is going to Portland community college and staying with Isabel and the baby.
  • Ruby and the others observe some younger teens spyng on them like they used to do. 
  • Abuelita leaves them a map and they bicker over what it means and what they'll do about it.
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On My Block Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Jamal: Chivo! You weirdo creeper. Where you at?
Chivo: I'm not a weirdo, I'm a Gemini.

Jamal: Do you ever think about who you used to be? Like maybe you veered off a better path by making bad choices?
Charlize: Regrets are for pussies.