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-Ava and Nicholas Zimmer are two orphaned children in Storybrooke. Emma tries to find their unknown father so that they aren't put into the foster care system where they will be separated.

-Mr. Gold helps her find Michael, the father but Michael says he's not equipped to be a raise them. The mayor says the children need to go to Boston where there are two foster homes waiting.

-As Emma drives the children out of town her car breaks down. Michael, the mechanic comes to the scene. When he sees his children he changes his mind and decides to take them in.

-Emma lies to Henry about his biological father telling him he was a hero who died saving a family from a fire. Emma tells Mary Margaret he should never know the real story. She also tells Mary Margaret that Henry thinks Emma is Snow White's child.

-Hansel and Gretel lose their father and run into the Evil Queen who sends them on a mission. If they steal a satchel back from a blind witch she will find their father. 

-When Hansel eats a cupcake in the house, the witch awakens and tries to roast him. Gretel fights back pushes her into the oven and they escape with the satchel.

-The Evil Queen offers to let them stay in her castle and have everything their hearts desire but they decline and say they only want their father. The Queen doesn't understand their blind faith but lets the children go to try to find him.

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Emma: What's your price?
Mr. Gold: Forgiveness.
Emma: How about tolerance?
Mr. Gold: That's a start.

Running from me is foolish. Foolish but also brave.

The Evil Queen