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-In Storybrooke past, Red finds Anita her supposedly dead mother who is also a wolf. Snow tracks her to their lair but Red decides to stay with her pack.  When the Queen's guard follow snow and kill one of the wolves, Anita tells Red she must kill Snow to avenge the death.

-Red fights Anita and kills her. She goes off with Snow saying she is the only person who accepts her as who she is.

-Red tries to lock herself up during the first full moon since the curse was broken. She can't find her red cloak.  During the night it appears she breaks out. The next morning Billy is found dead and it looks like a wolf did it.

-Ruby asks David to lock her in a jail cell. When he does, King George gathers a mob so they can dispense justice their own justice.   David moves and chains her up at Belle's library but Ruby flees believing she deserves to be punished.

-David and Granny prove that George stole Ruby's cloak and killed Billy to frame her. Later King George burns Jefferson's magic hat, telling Charming he'll never see Snow or Emma again.

-When Henry awakens from a dream with real burns, Mr. Gold says they are a side effect of the sleeping curse. He can't stop them but he gives Henry an amulet to help him control the dream.

-The next time Henry dreams, he stops the fire and sees Aurora. He tells her his name and not to be afraid before she wakes up.

Once Upon a Time
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