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-In the past, Rumplestiltskin had injured his own leg to get sent home from the ogre wars after a seer told him what happened in the war would take him from his son.


-Upon returning home, Mila turns on him because he's a coward who didn't fight and die. Later, as the dark one, Rumple takes the seer's powers.


-Emma find Baelfire. He's actually Neal, Henry's father. That makes Henry Rumplestiltskin's grandson. Henry is angry that Emma lied to him, just like Regina.


-Baelfire refuses to forgive Rumple. Rumple recalls the seer telling him that a young boy would lead him to Baelfire but the boy would be his undoing. At the time, Rumple had said he'd simply kill the boy.


-Back in Storybrooke, Cora, Regina, and Hook search for Rumple's dagger. After Hook reads a map for her, Cora tosses him aside. She doesn't want Rumple dead. She wants to force him to kill Charming, Snow and Emma. Then Regina can have Henry while Rumple will appear the bad guy.


-Greg continues to spy at the hospital and gets video of Regina using magic to make objects float while she searches Belle's purse for clues to the dagger's whereabouts.

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Regina: Do you really think you can just walk up to him and stab him in the heart with your sword?
Hook: Well I prefer my hook but I can't find that now.

Let me guess, he's not expecting you. Well, who doesn't love a surprise?