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-In the Fairytale past, the Evil Queen has Rumpelstiltskin change her into a peasant so she can better hunt for Snow White but the spell blocks her from using magic. What she finds is that her people hate her and love Snow White.


-Snow White saves the "peasant" from being killed by the queen's guards. Snow tells the person how a woman who saved her from a horse when she was a girl made her believe there is good in all people. She also says she would forgive the queen and become family once again.


-Just as Regina seems to consider this, they come upon an entire village she had killed because they had helped Snow. Snow swears she was wrong, and she'll never forgive the queen. Realizing that the peasant is the queen, she pulls her arrow but can't shoot. The peasant funs off.


-Emma grows suspicious of Tamara but Henry is the only one who believes her. They institute Operation Preying Mantis. When Emma can't find any proof against Tamara, Neal and Mary Margaret only think she's jealous.


-Greg wants Hook to find his father in return for the secret to killing magical creatures. Hook goes to Regina to let her in on their plan.


-Regina tells Henry there's a self destruct switch for Storybrooke. Now that she has the magic beans she and Henry can start over in the Enchanted Forest but everyone else will die in Storybrooke. When Henry freaks out, she erases his memory of the conversation.


-Regina takes Hook down to the cavern to find what he needs to destroy Storybrooke but it is protected by a demon-like Maleficient.  She pushes Hook off a ledge to distract Maleficient.


-When Regina returns to her office she finds Hook, Greg and Tamara. Tamara blocks Regina from using magic. Greg says it's science and that finding his father is not his only mission.


-The dwarves, David, and Mary Margaret go back to the bean field to find it destroyed and the beans taken.

Once Upon a Time
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