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-Rumplestiltskin makes a potion that will allow him to leave Storybrooke and not lose his memory but there is only enough for him and he must be carrying Baelfire's shawl.

-Hook threatens Belle and steals the shawl then disappears. When Hook leaves a piece of knotted rope behind, Belle realizes he has a boat on the pier.

-Belle finds Hook's ship, despite its magic cloaking, and she releases Archie. Before she can take the shawl, Hook arrives. Then Rumplestiltskin arrives and plans to kill Hook.  Belle pleads that he is the better man and gets him to walk away.

-When Rumple goes to leave Storybrooke, Hook shoots Belle sending her over the city limit and she looses her memories.  Then a car races into Storybrooke, hitting Hook.

-The fairy tale characters in Storybrooke talk about returning to the Enchanted Forest. Charming wants to return but Snow wants to find a larger home and remain in Storybrooke.

-Emma gives Pongo to Henry to try and cheer him up. Then they both find out that Archie is still alive and Cora set up Regina. They must find Regina to let her know.

-In the fairy tale world of the past, with Mulan's help Belle had helped release Prince Phillip from a curse that turned him into a beast. When she then decided to go back and fight for Rumplestiltskin, the Evil Queen kidnapped her.

Once Upon a Time
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