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-The driver of the car is badly injured and needs surgery. Hook is injured. Rumple tries to kill him but is stopped by Emma and Charming.  Rumple uses magic to heal Belle's injuries.

-Dr. Whale is drinking on the job and runs off when he's suppose to perform surgery on the stranger.  Ruby finds him. In flashbacks we learn that as Dr. Frankenstein, Whale brought his brother back from the dead only to have him kill their father.

-Whale returns and saves the stranger's life. The man swears he was texting and didn't see anything but once he gets his cell phone he tells whoever is on the other end that they won't believe what he saw.

-Cora uses magic to find Regina. She tells her she wants to make amends and agrees to come back to Storybrooke and tell the truth but she's still trying to manipulate Regina to her side.

-Belle is terrified of Rumple after she loses her memory.  When he can't restore it he decides to go after Baelfire and brings Emma with him, cashing in his favor.

Once Upon a Time
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