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In the Enchanted Forest, a father sends his daughter away with the storybrook.

Henry wakes up after the curse. When he finds Archie, he doesn't remember anything. Henry learns Emma's in a mental hospital. He goes to visit her, and tries to make her believe, but she tells him that's what landed her in the hospital in the first place. Henry's mother, the mayor, arrives. But it's not Regina. It's Fiona.

In the Enchanted Forest, Snow, Charming, Killian, and Regina wake up in Snow and Charming's castle. Once they realize Emma and Henry are not with them, they're determined to get back to their loved ones.

Fiona tells Emma that the best thing for Henry would be for her to burn the storybook. She thinks that will stop his delusions. Emma doesn't want to do that. As they're talking, Fiona's allowing the rest of the family to watch from the Enchanted Forest though a mirror. Snow realizes that she wants to take away Emma's belief.

Zelena arrives with the Mad Hatter's hat. She fled Oz because it was falling apart. When the group goes there, it's been erased. Other realms are disappearing, too. As Emma loses her belief, the realms will continue to disappear, and take the people with them. Regina and Killian argue about how to get back to Emma. He takes off while she tries to create a spell with Zelena.

Fiona visits Rumple and Gideon. They don't appear to realize they're under a curse. Belle left them when Gideon was a baby so Fiona has stepped in to fill the motherly role. 

Henry breaks Emma out of the mental hospital, naming it Operation Cuckoo's Nest. He takes her to the rooftop and tries to remind her of her wedding to Killian. She has flashes, but she doesn't want to believe. She wants to leave town. Henry agrees to help her. 

Rumple's searching for Belle. He believes there's more to the story about her leaving them.

Killian and David climb the beanstalk in search of a magic bean. A dragon is guarding it, and they have to flee in a hurry once Killian retrieves it. The Evil Queen arrives at the castle. She's been living there instead of in the Wish Realm.

Henry steals the book from Archie. Fiona catches him and admits she knows he knows what's happening. Henry doesn't think she can shake Emma's belief. Fiona pushes him down the stairs. On the way to the ambulance, they run into Rumple. He has questions about Belle. Fiona shows him pictures of Belle traveling the world.

Emma visits Henry at the hospital. She touches the book and nothing happens. Fiona tells her again she needs to get rid of the book. Henry tries to stop her. He tells her this is the final battle. Emma burns the book. As she does, the Enchanted Forest crumbles faster. Killian and David are tossed off the beanstalk. 

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 21 Quotes

Curses have never stopped us before. Today will be no different. We'll get Emma and Henry back. Wherever they may be.

Snow White

[to Henry] I ended up in this nuthouse because I believed you back then.