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Henry got happy at the prospect of being with his family, but Rumple revealed that his alter ego killed Samedi and it sent her on a mission to take the villain down. 

Wish Rumple then kidnapped Jacinda and Lucy and took them to his castle in the Wish Realm, but when the others went to look for him they were split up. 

Henry ultimately came face to face with the Wish Realm version of himself and it emerged that he was driven by evil because Regina killed his grandparents. 

Meanwhile, Tilly and Margot turned to the Sabine for help when it emerged that the others had gone missing in their travels. 

Sabine got them a magic bean and they went to Storybrooke to ask for help. 

Rumple learned that the villainous side managed to get rid of the Guardian, effectively meaning he would never be able to see Belle again. 

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

That is indeed a complicated story. The timelines alone would make one’s head spin.


Only a true author could weave such a tale. Every story an Author has ever written lives in his heart. You have done good work — could use a little more romance, perhaps, but maybe in your next book.