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Wish Rumple and Wish Henry joined forces to take down all of the characters and banish them to a realm on their own so they could not have their happy endings. 

Wish Henry prepared to battle Regina as the others tried to find a way to stop all of the fightings. As Alice and Robin made their way to help, Wish Rumple put a daring plan in play to send some of them away, but Wish Hook died saving Tilly. 

However, Rumple gave his own life over to Wish Hook, passing over to the other side and killing himself. In turn, this killed Wish Rumple. 

Regina then decided it was time to bring all of the realms together so that everyone could co-exist as one. 

Sometime later, Regina was whisked off to a coronation event, but it quickly emerged that this event was not a wedding ... it was an event to rule her the new Queen of the United Realms. 

Regina was ecstatic, but Emma, Hook and Hope crashed the party to say that they were proud of her and wanted her to do her best for everyone involved. 

Once Upon a Time
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