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Ivy was attacked by the killer so she went into hiding at Roni's bar to hide out, but Facilier showed up and said that he would help her get to safety in another land if she handed over Ana. 

Ivy lured Ana out of hiding with lanterns and then put her to sleep. When Facilier took Ana, Gothel appeared and caused a path of destruction. 

When Ana woke up, Ivy tried to talk her around and said that it was worth them trying to make things right and return home. Ana agreed and turned against Gothel. 

The two sisters left Hyperion Heights and away from the clutches of the killer. 

Henry tried to get closer to Jacinda and the couple tried to tempt fate by throwing coins to see if everything about the fairytales was true. 

This did not amount to much, but Jacinda got one of the coins correctly in a glass and realized the truth. 

In the past, Ivy tried to join the coven of eight and realized she had to murder someone to get in. 

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 15 Quotes

Regina: What the hell happened here?
Rumple: Your good-hearted boyfriend.

Regina: You okay? You couldn't have just stayed at that table?
Ivy: I know ... you were right.
Regina: Well, I would have left too.