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Alice looked at Hook from afar, but Robin stopped her. They immediately bonded, but Robin was forced to go after one of Alice's friends: The troll who saved her life. 

Ultimately, Alice uses magic to turn the troll into stone and it paves the way for the two girls to carve out a relationship. 

In Hyperion Heights, Tilly is about to be arrested for the murder of the baker, but Rogers tries to help her. The statue of the troll saves her bacon when it emerges that the city installed a CCTV camera on it to tackle graffiti. 

Margot shows up in town and saves Tilly from being knocked down and the pair realize they are reading fairytale books. 

Regina takes Lucy on a mission to find out Facilier's motive, but they are caught when Lucy leaves her hat behind. 

This paves the way for Facilier to reveal that he is looking for the dark one and that Regina would find herself in good graces with her future if she helped him out. 


Once Upon a Time
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