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Part 1: Rex and Adriana (Melissa Gallo) are both surprised after they kiss. When Rex asks what the lip lock meant, Adriana admits that she has missed him. He points out how upset he was by seeing her with Tate and she responds that nothing ever happened between them. She apologizes for hurting him but Rex claims he could never hate her. Both agree that they want to get past all that has happened and be together. The two kiss again and eventually fall into bed. Sarah apologizes to Todd for what happened in Chicago and, in front of Blair, claims that Todd mumbled Blair's name a thousand times while he was out of it. She also explains to them that she decided not to call the police for fear it would only endanger Todd more. Todd suddenly tries to get up to attend Miles' arraignment but Blair stops him.

Part 2: John explains to Cole and Starr why his mother had to be arrested. Offering to get her a lawyer, Nora advises Paige that she can expect a sentence of 10 years if she's found guilty. When Natalie urges him not to sign a confession, Miles guesses she's trying to hurt John but she denies it. He claims all he did he did for love. Admitting she got a second chance after trying to ruin Jessica's life, Natalie urges him to do the same and get his life back on track.

Part 3: Calling her a hero, Antonio thanks Talia for saving his sister and she responds that they need him back on the force. She also suggests that he needs someone besides Jessica in his life and hints that she's that woman. Sarah returns to Rex's place and finds him in bed with Adriana.

One Life To Live
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