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Part 1: Though Cristian (David Fumero) orders her to get out of his club, Sarah points out it's Antonio's and claims that she should do the booking for Capricorn and offers to do the first one free of charge. Instead, he offers her a tray to wait tables to prove that she can be a good worker and then hands her an apron when her credit card is denied. Todd interrupts Mile's hearing and asks where his son is. Miles pleads not guilty and before the judge considers bail, Cole stands and states that he wants Miles left behind bars for the rest of his life.

Part 2: He describes how Miles threatened him so the judge puts his bail at half a million dollars. Boasting that's nothing, Miles then thanks Natalie for her support. Later, John accuses Natalie of supporting Miles just to get even with him. Michael meets with Adriana and Rex about Todd's return to Llanview and keeping their story straight. Admitting Marcie can't have kids, Michael fears that Todd will take Tommy away from them. Rex claims that anyone who knows the truth is dead but Michael points out that Miles could spoil their plans.

Part 3: In jail, Marty describes for Hannah what happened the night she thinks she killed Spencer and but admits that she doesn't actually remember stabbing the guy with the scissors. Later, Marty is shocked when Miles approaches her cell. John wonders to Nora if Miles and Marty's cases are related. Cole apologizes to Todd for his past mistakes but Cole responds that he still doesn't like him. However, realizing they must please Starr, both agree they've got to figure out how to tolerate each other. After Todd explains that he wants his children to live with him again, Jack asks him to convince Blair to spend the night with them.

One Life To Live
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