August 21, 2007 Photograph
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The Beginning

Adriana and Layla tease Rex and Vincent by pretending to ogle all the HOT GUYS working out at the gym.

Nash kicks himself for ever agreeing to go into business with Antonio.

Dorian rides to the rescue as Clint is harassed by a reporter

The Episode

Todd sneers in disgust as Miles pleads guilty to the lesser charges of stealing the tape from Marty's therapy session and then blackmailing her into marriage.

A seething Lindsay snipes at John for daring to suspect Marcie of murder. Later, Michael is outraged to find his brother digging for more evidence of Marcie's guilt.

Bo congratulates Lindsay on being named Llanview's most notable woman of 2007.

Clint thanks Dorian for her timely assistance.

Todd's repeated outbursts during Miles' hearing earns him another reprimand from the judge. A scornful Adriana gives Nash a piece of her mind.

Dorian bristles to learn that she's been overlooked yet again in the voting for "Woman of the Year" honors.

The End

Jared Banks introduces himself to Natalie.

After Nash confesses to having some money troubles, Rex suggests that he try his hand at Roxy's high stakes poker game.

One Life To Live
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