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Part One

Nora (Hillary B. Smith) is floored to learn that she has to present her sworn enemy with the "Woman of the Year" award. At Buchanan Enterprises, Jared confidently informs Natalie he's the answer to her prayers.

Rex brings Nash to the Hair Hut, where he convinces a wary Roxy to let his pal sit in on her high stakes poker game

Part Two

John ponders possible suspects in the Spencer Truman murder case. Marcie offers to help a fuming Nora pen a speech praising Lindsay as Llanview's most accomplished woman of 2007. Sarah admits to Cristian how much she regrets not spending more time with her grandfather.

Part Three

Roxy warns Nash that her pals from Atlantic City are deadly serious about their gambling. Jared attempts to prove to Natalie that her family's faltering company desperately requires his special expertise. Rex cheers Lindsay up by promising to attend the ceremony honoring her achievements.

Part Four

Natalie catches Jared in one lie after another and icily advises him to take a hike. Nora reminds Bo why she's having a hard time paying tribute to the person who ruined her life. Jared uses the password he overheard to make his way into Roxy's game.

John hits upon a new theory about Spencer's killer.

One Life To Live
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