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As Jared makes himself at home in the Hair Hut's back room, Nash tells Roxy how the newcomer learned the secret password to gain admission to her private poker game.

Blair finds a pair of men's boxer shorts by the pool and questions Starr, who admits that she and her pals indulged in a game of strip poker the night before.


At the jail, Cole tells his mom he fears Spencer's real killer may never be caught. As the Woman of the Year banquet gets underway, Lindsay thanks Bo and Rex for coming to support her.

Blair tells a skeptical Starr why she and Todd (Trevor St. John) can never be anything more than friends from here on in. Marty has a sudden flash of memory and realizes that she dropped the scissors when Spencer began throttling her.


Nash (Forbes March) starts winning hand after hand during the high stakes game at Roxy's place. Out of earshot, Bo confides to Rex how the annual awards ceremony always seems to end in total disaster.

Meanwhile, Dorian warns Nora not to ruin her friend's big night. Marty tells John she knows now she could not have killed Spencer.

Called to the podium to present the evening's honoree with her award, Nora struggles to find kind things to say about her old nemesis.

Jared challenges Nash to a head-to-head showdown, winner take all.

Blair agrees to accompany Todd to the banquet.


John assures Marty he's certain of the killer's identity but needs hard evidence to prove his hypothesis. Later, Marty remembers seeing Lindsay emerge from Blair's hospital room on the night Spencer died.

One Life To Live
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