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Part 1: When Miles (David Chisum) gets a hard time when trying to get a room at the Palace, Natalie steps up to bat for him and urges Renee to rent him the room. Boasting of her past experience running a brothel, Renee warns her that she knows Miles is no good but orders the front desk to give him a room. Thanking her, Miles states that he's not going to stay where he's not wanted. Arguing that he's better off without Marty, Natalie offers him a place to stay at Llanfair. John boasts to Talia that the search warrant should lead them to Spencer's killer.

Part 2: Having spent the night together, Rex and Adriana's morning is ruined when John and a few cops arrive with a search warrant and start going through everything. Waiting anxiously, the two try to convince themselves that John won't find anything as Rex warns John he won't like where this leads. Later, John finds on Rex's laptop the phony death certificate for Peter Adam Lee that Rex created for Todd's son. Sarah works on Nigel to loosen up Clint's "purse strings" but Clint overhears her and suggests that in the future, she try the "straight talk" approach. The two argue about Cord's opinion of her maturity but Clint points out that she lied to her parents.

Part 3: She downplays it but he asks her when she became so untrustworthy. He offers her an entry level job but she quickly turns him down and tells him not to worry about her. When she returns to Capricorn, Hunter grabs her. Dorian reads a postcard from David in which he reveals he's taken a job at a resort in the Carribean. Dorian quickly blames Viki for David's predicament but Viki thinks the job will be good for David.

One Life To Live
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