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PART I: Ramsey comes to La Boulet demanding to see Cole. David is in a mood to celebrate after scratching the lotto ticket Viki gave him. John and the paramedics rush Miles to the emergency room. At Llanfair, Viki and Natalie discuss the latest rash of crises affecting their family and friends. An anguished Cole tells Starr how John and Ramsey witnessed him committing murder. Charlie continues to drown his sorrows in booze.

PART II: Natalie prods her mother to spill about the new man in her life. A frightened Starr convinces Cole not to answer John's call. Later, Langston hurries to warn her friends that an FBI agent is searching the house. Gigi watches as Michael is taken into custody by state troopers. David thanks Viki for making him a winner and broadening his horizons. Starr and Langston lie when Ramsey asks questions about Cole. Natalie introduces her mother to Jared. David says his goodbyes to Dorian. Michael is carted away in handcuffs...

One Life To Live
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