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PART ONE: Sarah tells Talia how she and Cris straightened things out on New Year's. At the courthouse, Nora is floored when a judge issues Lindsay a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity. Ramsey warns Gigi and Shane to cooperate as they wait for Marcie to arrive. At the Bon Jour, Moe describes for Michael and John how "Sally Ann's" first day of work went awry. Cristian and Antonio compare notes on their love lives ...

PART TWO: Tipped off by Gigi's shouted warning, Marcie races away with Todd and Ramsey in hot pursuit. Talia confides to Sarah why she's reluctant to believe in the possibility of happy endings when it comes to romance. Later, Carlotta assures both women that they've brightened up her sons' lives. Nora's jaw drops when R.J. and Bo each volunteers to be Lindsay's court-appointed guardian Ramsey raises his gun and fires at Marcie's car ...

One Life To Live
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