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Viki and Charlie happily wake up in each others arms and agree they'll see each other again but end up parting ways for the time being while Charlie goes to find his son.

Adriana (Melissa Gallo) is less then thrilled by Rex's Christmas present (a dust buster) but soon changes her tune when he reveals his real surprise - an engagement ring!

Jared gets a punch in the face when he accuses John of taking advantage of Natalie. John wonders what's really going on with Natalie and Jared.

Blair tries to adjust to the changes in the newly independent Addie and later becomes alarmed when she can't find her mother anywhere.

Dorian sees The Sun's headline about Jared being the newest Buchanan heir. With her knowledge that Jared is really Charlie's son, Dorian heads to see Clint and arrives to witness him and Nora sharing another kiss.

One Life To Live
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