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On One Life to Live, furious that Rex kept his son from him for so long, Todd attacks him, holding his face over the stove and threatening to turn the burner on.

Fortunately, Charlie comes to Rex's rescue but makes an enemy of Todd in the process. Todd believes that Blair is screaming at Sam when she's really reacting to the vision of Margaret.

  • Marcie realizes that Michael feels the same pain over losing Tommy that she does. John tells Marcie that she's going to be extradited back to Pennsylvania.
  • Gigi calls John for help after Ramsey makes another threat against Shane. John promises to protect Gigi and Shane. He wants them to come back to Llanview.
  • Viki seems to have no problem with the fact that Nora and Clint are dating. Viki hires Rex to find Charlie for her. Charlie is conflicted about contacting Viki.
One Life To Live
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