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PART I: Marty confides to John how she's never before disclosed to anyone - not even Cole - that Patrick was murdered. Blair (Kassie DePaiva) and Todd begin to succumb to passion but finally pull apart and reluctantly agree that having sex wouldn't be a good idea. In Texas, Nora tells Clint how she intercepted Dorian's call.

PART II: Rex balks at making love with Adriana (Melissa Gallo) out of fear that he'll hurt her unborn child. Alex turns down David's marriage proposal. Jared asks Natalie for a truce. Astounded to learn that Rex believes she's pregnant, Adriana laughingly explains how she's simply been doing research for a new maternity line. Clint assures Nora she did nothing wrong by answering his cell.

PART III: John consoles Marty (Christina Chambers) after she relates how she heard Patrick die. David feigns indignation when Alex suggests he's after her fortune. Adriana promises Rex she would share the news with him immediately if she ever did become pregnant. Natalie enlists some help from Chuck. Marty and John make love. Alex accepts David's proposal but only on condition that they sign a pre-nup.

One Life To Live
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