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Part One: One Life to Live (10-1-2007)

Bo returns to Llanview and is startled to learn from Nora how Lindsay pled guilty to murder before suffering an apparent breakdown. Addie encounters Will in the waiting room at St. Ann's.

Marcie (Kathy Brier) thanks Michael for her birthday surprise but can't stop fretting about the next phase of the custody hearing. Cole reminds an irked Starr how the judge will undoubtedly see through her parents' bogus marriage of convenience.

Part Two: One Life to Live (10-1-2007)

Antonio coaxes an uneasy Talia to bring George over to Capricorn for a drink that evening. Judy cautions the McBains that Blair's (Kassie DiPaiva) upcoming testimony could damage their case. Meanwhile, Blair balks at leaving La Boulet when her husband reminds her why she and the kids need to move back into the penthouse to keep up appearances.

Talia hits upon an idea after an investment banker named Georgie is brought in for being drunk and disorderly. Markko teases Langston about forging her parents' signature on the school's emergency contact form. Nora suggests to Bo that Lindsay could be faking.

Part Three: One Life to Live (10-1-2007)

Across town, Will is shaken to see his mother in a catatonic state and completely unresponsive. Outraged by Todd's announcement in the courtroom, Marcie leaps to her feet and informs the judge that the plaintiff offered her and her husband $10 million dollars if they would hand over Tommy.

The tipsy George blows Talia's plan in front of Antonio.

On the witness stand, Blair claims that she remarried Todd out of love alone. Langston's hackles rise when Markko remarks on how her folks never seem to be around. Bo tries to get past Lindsay's vacant stare.

Under increasingly intense cross-examination from Judy, Blair faces a slew of tough questions about an ugly incident from her shared past with Todd.

One Life To Live
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