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Part I

On the witness stand, Blair squirms when Judy brings up the fact that Todd gave Jack away to total strangers shortly following the child's birth. Markko and Cole (Brandon Buddy) commiserate after they both have fights with their respective girlfriends. Curious about Langston, Dorian attempts to get to know the young woman better. At St. Ann's, Bo encourages Lindsay to show him and Will some sign of recognition.

Part II

Talia admits to an amused Lindsay how inventing an imaginary boyfriend has backfired on her badly. Blair tries to put the best possible spin on the tale involving her son's early days and the custody battle which ensued. Dorian catches Langston (Brittany Underwood) in a lie about her absentee parents. Starr demands to be allowed to testify about Blair and Todd being more than capable of caring for baby Tommy. Layla guesses that Talia has the hots for Antonio.

Part III

Todd reluctantly agrees to let his daughter take the stand. Sarah cheerfully informs Cris (David Fumero) that she's succeeded in booking a name band for Capricorn. Cole comes to the courthouse to support Starr as she explains to the judge how much she loves and admires her mom and dad. Later, however, Judy's harsh cross-examination reduces Starr to tears. Markko and Langston kiss and make up.

One Life To Live
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