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-- Jared's snide remarks piss off Natalie, who shrilly accuses him of trying to sabotage her position at BE. Langston sadly confesses to Starr and Blair that she's been lying to them about her family situation. After Marcie finally picks up her cell phone, Michael urges his wife to bring Tommy back.

-- Clint admits to Nora how surprising it was to realize how truly fond he is of Dorian. Though Jared assures her he has no intention of stealing her job, Natalie continues to rail at him for giving her grief. Stunned to learn that Langston was orphaned more than a year ago, Starr reaches out to console her unhappy friend. Marcie icily reminds Michael and John why she can never surrender her son.

-- Matthew explains to his mom why he'd like to stay at the Buchanan mansion. Dorian (Robin Strasser), Blair and Starr all convince a grateful Langston to make herself at home with them. Michael pleads with Marcie not to turn her back on everything they still have together. After hearing Todd ranting in the background, however, Marcie strengthens her resolve to keep Tommy away from his biological parent permanently.

-- Renee and Nigel echo Matthew and Clint's sentiments, then are delighted when Nora agrees to stay. An enraged Natalie fires Jared after he plants a kiss on her in the office. Todd brings bad news home to Blair. Jared warns Natalie she'll regret dismissing him. Meanwhile, Nigel quietly tells Clint why he has serious qualms about young Mr. Banks.

One Life To Live
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