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PART I: Michael watches home movies of his wife and son in happier times.

Meanwhile, a worried Ron asks Marcie if she's really ready to throw her marriage away. Pointing out how he owns 51 percent of the entire vineyard property, Jared gleefully informs Nash and Jessica that he's moving in. Markko tells an astounded Cole (Brandon Buddy) how Langston's parents died in a car crash the day before. Dorian sides with Starr when the girl suggests that Langston move into La Boulet permanently. Michael explains to Rex and Adriana how his lies drove Marcie to such a desperate act.

PART II: Todd arrives on Ron's doorstep and demands his son.

Britney contemplates giving her classmates something to remember her by after her parents decide to transfer her to a boarding school. Ron tries to convince Todd and his hired goons that he hasn't seen Marcie or Tommy. As Jared begins to make himself at home, Nash reminds Jessica and Natalie why they can't risk calling the police. Dorian looks into ways to help Langston secure her future. Eavesdropping, Britney (Portia Reiners) overhears Starr confiding Langston's secret to Cole.

One Life To Live
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