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PART I: As Britney secretly listens in, Starr explains to Cole why Langston hid the truth about her parents for so long. Meanwhile, Langston hesitantly confesses her secret to Markko. With the FBI now involved in the abduction case, Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) tells Michael and Adriana his plan to spirit Marcie and Tommy out of the country. In New Jersey, Ron again urges his sister to return to Llanview before she's captured by federal agents and charged with kidnapping. An irritated Clint drops by La Boulet to ask Dorian why she stood him up for dinner the other night.

PART II: Britney decides to arrange a nasty surprise for Langston (Brittany Underwood). Miles comes to Roxy's rescue when her 15 minutes of fame threaten to backfire badly. Markko assures Langston his feelings for her haven't changed. Dorian snipes at Clint for trying to control her life. Marcie furiously reminds Ron why she cannot let Todd get his hands on Tommy. Later, Marcie and Ron watch Michael's televised appeal to his runaway wife. Langston declares her love to a beaming Markko. FBI agents arrive in Angel Square question Roxy. A pair of social workers approach Langston after Britney places a call.

One Life To Live
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