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Part One
Tipped off by Vincent, Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes) presses Talia for the truth about her relationship with Shaun. As Jared gleefully makes himself at home in the Brennan household, Natalie (Melissa Archer) comes in with a job offer which she hopes will appease her former employee. Todd finds John and Michael using a van to track Marcie. Meanwhile, Ron's friend repaints Marcie's car and fits it with Florida license plates.

Part Two
Shaun covers for Talia in front of Antonio, then claims he's a commitment phobe and can't stop playing the field. Marty asks a scornful Blair (Kassie DePaiva) to convince Todd not to press charges against the McBains. John and an old pal from his FBI days search Ron's apartment and find a telltale sippy cup hidden behind a sofa cushion. Michael appeals to Todd to be the kind of father Tommy deserves. Lee berates Warren and John for conducting an unlawful private investigation.

Part Three
Cristian (David Fumero) admits to Sarah why he feels responsible for Evangeline's (Renee Goldsberry) current situation. A smirking Jared turns down Natalie's proposition. After Marcie disguises herself as a brunette, Ron provides his sister with bogus passports and other documents for herself and the baby. Later, Marcie tearfully bids Ron goodbye. Cristian and Sarah continue to grow closer. Talia and Shaun "break up" as Antonio looks on.

One Life To Live
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