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Part One
Jared informs a startled Jessica and Nash that Natalie has already given him an executive position at Buchanan Enterprises. Starr is surprised to find Marcie back teaching her creative writing class at the high school. Todd tells Blair why getting wed at La Boulet will make a more favorable impression on the family court judge than a quickie ceremony at City Hall. Excited to finally receive her check from the insurance company, Nora looks forward to buying a home for herself and Matthew.

Part Two
Britney rubs salt in Starr's wounds by assuring Marcie that everyone hopes she gets to keep her baby. Later, Starr and Marcie face off in front of the whole class as they scream accusations at one another. As Dorian hastily begins making preparations for her niece's nuptials, Blair and Todd discuss how to break the news to their kids. Clint invites Nora to make the mansion her permanent home.

Langston (Brittany Underwood) snarls at Britney for stirring up trouble once again. Meanwhile, Principal Fletcher places Marcie on indefinite leave as punishment for her inappropriate remarks to her student.

Part Three
Jessica (Bree Williamson) urges her sister to fire Jared but Natalie refuses to go back on her word. Talia is forced to concoct more lies when Antonio quizzes her about her mystery man. Todd issues an ominous warning to a trembling Marcie. Cole is pleased to find his mom chatting with John in the park. Miles and Natalie make a dinner date. Talia nervously agrees to introduce Antonio to "George."

Blair explains to Starr why her marriage to Todd will be in name only...

One Life To Live
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