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One Life to Live
Episode Guide 4/10/08

Today on One Life to Live, Talia tries to get through to Antonio but he continues to give her the silent treatment. Surprised to find Pamela in Llanview, Jared introduces her to his father.

Bo and Natalie confess to a bristling Viki that they knew about Clint's underhanded tactics. Dorian reminds Calvin why he needs to toe the line in her quest to bring BE to its knees.

Meanwhile, Clint turns to Lindsay yet again for enough dirt to bury Calvin. Pamela snarls at Charlie for abandoning his children years ago. John offers an obviously troubled Talia a sympathetic ear.

Starr admits to Cole how she lied to her parents to make them think nothing happened the night Todd caught them in bed together. Viki warns Bo that he's deluding himself if he believes Clint is done using blackmail.

Charlie counters Pamela's rebuke by pointing out how her brother abused Jared and caused Jimmy's death.

John and Talia realize that they've developed feelings for one another which go beyond mere friendship. Markko cautions Starr that her situation is stressing Langston out.

Ramsey heaps praise on a puzzled Antonio for always putting his family ahead of his career. Pamela explains to Jared how she came to town. Langston urges Starr to seek advice from some responsible adult.

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One Life To Live
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