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One Life to Live
Episode Recap, 4.11.08

Today on One Life to Live, Gigi panics when Todd tells her he's already confronted Ramsey and told him that Todd and Gigi have teamed up against him. Rex questions why Gigi is so upset after her confrontation with Todd. Gigi tells Rex her dream of having a real family for Shane, and we see Gigi tempted to tell Rex Shane is his son. Dorian learns from her private investigator that Brody Lovett, the man Gigi claims is Shane's father, really does exist. Adriana grows increasingly paranoid about Rex's connection to Shane and Gigi.

  • Ramsey manipulates Antonio as he sets John and Talia up for a fall.
  • Antonio finds John and Talia, in bed, in a hotel room together.
  • Langston questions Starr if she's considering abortion.
  • Michael and Marcie continue to have a distance between them.

What happens next? Find out in our One Life to Live spoilers!

One Life To Live
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