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One Life to Live
Episode Recap, 4.9.08

Today on One Life to Live, Dorian enlists Lindsay's help pulling together the plans for her daughter's upcoming nuptials. Rex asks Shane what he wished for on his birthday but Gigi hastily interrupts.

After Charlie awakens shouting from a nightmare, Viki wonders aloud if he was calling out for his son. Pamela agrees to meet with Natalie, who questions her apparent lack of interest in getting to know Jared.

Clint confronts Calvin about his underhanded attempt to take control of Buchanan Enterprises. Charlie tearfully explains to a sympathetic Viki how Jimmy died when he was just a child.

Lindsay tells Dorian that Nora is still an obstacle to her establishing any kind of future with Bo.

Natalie icily informs Pam that she knows all about the scam to pass Jared off as Asa's long-lost son. Calvin refuses to back down and reminds a fuming Clint that business sometimes requires nerves of steel.

Viki urges Charlie to believe that Jimmy's tragic demise wasn't his fault. Lindsay confides to an intrigued Dorian how she's been helping out behind the scenes at BE.

Jared guesses that Gigi has more than a passing interest in Rex. Pam describes for Natalie how her brother abused both Jared and Jimmy. Rex happily joins his "dad" for breakfast at the Palace.

Viki shows Clint the explosive article Todd plans to run in the next edition of the Sun, then is appalled when her ex admits that the story is absolutely true. Dorian is revealed to be in cahoots with Calvin.

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One Life To Live
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