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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 4/14/08

Today on One Life to Live ...

Cole accuses Todd of ruining his daughter's life.

Meanwhile, Langston is upset to discover that Starr is contemplating abortion as one of her possible options. Upon learning that Brody Lovett actually does exist, Dorian passes the information along to her daughter.

Gigi admits to Rex that she still loves Shane's father.

An enraged Antonio attacks John as Talia begs them to stop fighting. Starr reminds Langston why her dad can never know about her pregnancy. Todd icily informs Cole that the only reason the boy is still in one piece is because he didn't manage to consummate his lust for Starr.

Out of her fiance's earshot, Adriana warns Gigi to keep her claws out of Rex.

Antonio lashes out at both Talia and John before storming out of the hotel. Gigi relates for Marcie the ugly scene she just endured with Adriana. At the precinct, Ramsey tells Antonio he did set him up.

Adriana pulls Rex into bed to cement her hold on her man. Langston reluctantly agrees to help Starr ditch her bodyguard and sneak over to an abortion clinic in New Jersey.

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One Life To Live
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