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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 4.8.08

Today on One Life to Live, a tipsy Sarah assures Cristian during their phone conversation that she and Nash have separate bedrooms in the hotel suite.

Cole suspects that Langston is hiding something from him which involves Starr.

Todd informs Ramsey that he knows why Gigi has remained in Llanview. Natalie reminds Jared how her silence is keeping him out of prison. John explains to Talia why he believes Ramsey tried to frame him during the drug bust. Cris tells Jessica how his girlfriend and her husband are sharing space at the hotel in Napa.

Todd warns the commissioner that he and Gigi are a team now and will be watching each other's backs. After tossing back a few too many drinks, Antonio scoffs at John's story about being targeted by their boss.

Cole again presses Langston for the truth about what's bothering Starr. Nash offers to bring Sarah on full time at the vineyard once they return home.

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One Life To Live
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