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One Life to Live
August 1, 2008

Today on One Life to Live ...

Toting his canine namesake, a gloomy David heads to Rodi's for a drink. Michael offers to move out of his brother's place to avoid cramping John's style. In 1968, Bo gently informs Emma that he doesn't love her.

Watching from the wings of the palace, Cris and Antonio discover that Talia and Jonas have already tied the knot.

Upon learning that the diner burned to the ground the night before, David realizes he probably was responsible for the blaze.

Starr appeals to Cole not to throw away what they have together but he bitterly insists it's too late.

Antonio bristles when Carlo reminds the new king and queen of Mendorra that they must consummate their union at once. Renee and Bo both encourage Emma to believe she will find the right man.

Meanwhile, Rex is unsettled by another encounter with sociopath-in-training Spencer Truman. Marty lends Todd a sympathetic ear as he complains about John and Blair.

Starr tearfully describes for an emotional Cole how she felt their baby kick for the first time. Across town, Marcie tells Michael she feels she was meant to adopt Starr's child.

Rex urges Emma not to settle for a man like Ned.

As Carlo prepares to carry out Cain and Tina's execution, Jonas informs his horrified bride that Antonio is already dead.

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