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One Life to Live
Episode Recap
August 12, 2008

Today on One Life to Live ...

Noelle and Mel are delighted to welcome Gigi back to the Bonjour.

In 1968, Professor Fina cautions Bo and Rex that they must pass through the portal by midnight if they have any hope of returning to their own era.

Tina happily embraces Cord as Sarah looks on. Delphina explains to Gigi why she must have a deep faith in the outcome of their experiment.

Maria regretfully pulls away from Clint and leaves the Buchanan ranch. Tina confesses to a seething Cord how Sarah got dragged into her plot to steal the crown jewels of Mendorra.

Dallas interrupts a romantic evening for Nora and Clint.

John tells Blair he thinks Todd's new friend may be the injured woman Ramsey was hiding in his penthouse before he died. Renee and Emma decide to crash "Bo's" going away party.

When Dallas announces that she's staying in Llanview indefinitely, Nora asks her straight out if she's come back to steal Clint.

Tina declares her undying love to Cord but is crushed when he reminds her why they can never be together again.

Mel finally pops the question to an ecstatic Noelle. Marty encourages Todd to talk about his relationship with his ex-wife. Blair offers to help John celebrate his promotion to police commissioner.

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